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All our Church healers are members of the Dorset, Hants and Wilts Spiritual Healers Association and undertake a two year probationary period.

Advice to patients who receive healing from members of the association :

What is healing?

Put very simply, healing consists in linking up the natural healing power within the body with the healing power of God. The “Healer” is the link. By attuning his-herself both to the sufferer and the healing power, he/she serves as the channel through which the Divine energies flow.

What is its purpose?

The purpose of healing goes beyond securing physical improvement. It’s aim is to bring into harmony spirit, mind and body, so that you may lead a full, healthy and happy life, and possess a deeper awareness of God’s love.

How long should you carry on with healing?

Sometimes healing is successful in one treatment. Far more often, it is progressive: the results appear gradually. Please do not get discouraged and give up in the early stages. It is very rare for anyone to continue healing for a period without receiving some benefit.


How can you help?

We do need your co-operation. Here are some ways in which you can help :

  • Realise that, very often, health or illness depend on the mind. Your thoughts can either help or hinder the smooth working of your body. If you have any old grievances, guilt complexes, resentments, fears or other harmful emotions, they can well be the cause of ill-health. Try to get rid of them. Forgive those who have upset you. Accept your circumstances without resentment. If you have problems of this nature, discuss them with your healer or the group leader.

  • Have healing regularly.

  • Have an open, expectant mind. Do not be over-anxious for early results. Wait patiently and in confidence for them to appear.

  • Practice “Self-healing”. Try always, to picture yourself as fit and well. Once or twice a day, sit down quietly and visualise God’s healing power entering the whole of your body. Several times a day, tell yourself that you are feeling better. These steps will help to bring about the positive frame of mind that is essential for real health.


What are we trying to achieve?

At the end of your healing, we want to see you not only physically well, but living in peace and harmony with yourself.

How about your doctor?

Healing is not intended to be a substitute for orthodox medical treatment. You should continue to consult your doctor. If you tell him that you are having healing, explain that its purpose is simply to stimulate the natural healing forces of the body. It does not in any way interfere with medical treatment.


What to do when you wish to stop visiting your healer?

Obviously you will not want to have healing for ever. But, when you decide to stop, please tell your healer. This is not just a matter of common courtesy. Healers develop a real concern for their patients and they like to know whether the healing has been successful or whether there are any problems that can be sorted out. A note of thanks is always welcome.

All our healers are trained and are members of the Dorset Hants and Wilts Spiritual Healers Association. On Wednesday evenings our Church Healers also work as part of the Portland Healers team.


Responsibility of the Association

While the Association takes all reasonable precautions when accepting individuals into full healership, it cannot hold itself responsible for any act by any of healer members that might be in any way contrary to its prescribed Code of Conduct.


Contact the Association. Registered Charity No. 292358

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